What Are Core Values?

Core Values are the Biblical truths through which we interpret every aspect of our lives.They are foundational beliefs that help us define aspects of the kingdom and clarify the identity and actions of who we are and what we do. Our decisions, strategies, conversations and communication all come out of our Core Values.

In addition to our Cornerstones of Faith, Word Life Center is built on the following 13 foundational Core Values:

  • God is Good
  • Salvation Creates Joyful Identity
  • We are Responsive to God’s Empowering Grace
  • We are Focused on God’s Presence
  • The Kingdom is Family
  • God’s Word Transforms
  • God is Still Speaking
  • Jesus Empowers Supernatural Ministry
  • God’s Kingdom is Advancing
  • We are Free and Responsible
  • Honor Affirms Value
  • We are Generous Like Our Father
  • The Church is the Glorious Bride of Christ