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The Earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the LORD as the waters cover the sea. Habbakuk 2:14

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Candlelight Prayer House hosts times of personal and community prayer, worship, Life Groups and more.

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Connect to God's Presence Through Inner Healing

Transformation Ministries exists to help launch people into wholeness and destiny by helping facilitate healthy, personal connection with Father God, Jesus and Holy Spirit.

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Connect to God's Presence Through Inner Healing
Experience God's Presence Through Art

Experience God's Presence Through Art

Living Art exists to worship our Creator through creating art that goes past words and straight to our hearts. Come experience the heart of our Father through art.

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Release God's Presence in the Workplace

Heaven in Business – South Jersey is our arm for business. We develop strategies for local business leaders and employees alike, developing unity & prosperity in business.

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Release God's Presence in the Workplace


  • It is true that we can’t out give God! At work I get tips sometimes for an order that I cut or load, and the other day I told God that when I get a tip (more…)

    Coffee Testimony
  • I am just in awe of the doors that God is opening, ground that He is taking in new things! Last night I went over to Women of Hope Resource Center and they were having an IDRC meeting. (more…)

    Sharing Jesus at IDRC Meeting
  • Last night I got a sharp pain shoot down my leg and it lingered all throughout the night. Whatever position I had it resting, it just hurt. (more…)

    Pain Gone
  • While waiting for an appointment, I had the thought to draw a picture for the person who would come after me. I asked the Lord what He wanted to say to that person. I left the picture (more…)

    I Stepped out in Faith and Drew
  • My daughter lost one of her karate gloves. We prayed that it would be found. After we prayed, I heard myself describing how it might be found. When we arrived at karate, (more…)

    I Heard Myself Describing How it Would be Found
  • My faith has been tested the last 2 weeks, and God speaks to me through a bracelet that my neighbor gave to me today! It says, “expect miracles, nothing is impossible, believe and trust, give it to God”. Wow, He loves me so much and wanted to remind me today!

    Expect Miracles
  • We have been praying for the last 7 weeks concerning my husband’s job – that there would be a change and the correct amount of time would be given for a project that had been scheduled too short. This morning, (more…)

    Power of Testimony
  • God spoke audibly to me when I was camping in a storm. I thought it was someone far away speaking, but after coming to wordlc, I realized it was God who had spoken to me! He spoke to me and protected me in the storm!

    God’s Voice in the Storm
  • This morning, as I came upon an unjust situation, rivers of living water came pouring out of me! Instead of whining, complaining or fuming, (more…)

    Power of Grace & Declarations
  • My grandfather was diagnosed with inoperable brain cancer. We have been praying and he has been receiving treatments. Read the rest of the story of healing!

    Cancer Tumor Gone
  • Our Community Prayer Walk team got to pray with 8 people this Saturday morning, translating the heart of our Father for His kids!

    Treasures Found on Prayer Walk
  • Wordlc family prayed for my son on Sunday regarding addiction. When I got home from church, he said to me… Read the beginning of the story

    Freedom From Addiction
  • My son left his winter jacket in his physics classroom and when he went to the lost and found the next day, it wasn’t there…few days later, another student showed up wearing the coat! My son’s friends told him to confront the kid and to be prepared that he may have to fight… Read entire story

    Provision & Protection
  • I tripped and spilled an entire pot of boiling water, but none of it hit me!Thank You, Father, for Your protection!

    Divine Protection
  • I was able to share God’s love with a women by jumpstarting her car. I was able to tell her how much Jesus loves her!

    Divine Appointment
  • I was having a lot of sinus pain and pressure. My boss gave me a cookie that she said was a healing cookie, as she had prayed for healing for the person who would eat it. Thanks, Lord, no more pain!

    Creative Miracle
  • A woman came to Candlelight Prayer House after visiting her brother at the hospital. His kidneys were shutting down. The doctors were saying that he needed dialysis right away…  read more

    Brand New Kidneys
  • I was struggling with vertigo and side-effects from medication. My husband commanded all sickness to leave in Jesus name and immediately I was up and moving around feeling good and throughout the evening I felt even better!

    Vertigo Gone
  • I fell going into work when a mat shifted underneath me. I felt I was going down and grabbed the door handle, but… Read the rest of the story

    Divine Protection
  • I had a client this morning who told me she was a Christian. After our session was over, I asked her if we could pray together. It was so great! I’m thankful that God gave me that divine appointment!

    Prayer at Work
  • I was talking to my coworker and asked if she had any exams coming up. She said yes and I asked her if I could pray for her. She reached out her hands and let me pray for her. She said she definitely needed it! Thank you Papa!

    Divine Appointment at Work
  • At work, I met someone who we prayed for at last year’s Fall Festival. Our church prayed for his arthritis and the next day it was 99% gone! The doctor said that he had arthritis of a 90 year old all over his back and then when he went back after us praying for him it was so small the place were it was!

    Arthritis Gone
  • Thank you for such a beautiful night of worship this Sunday. 1st timer there. But can I say wow to the anointed voice of your pastor. You left a mark on my heart.

    Encountered During Worship Night
  • I came to Worship Night feeling tired and frustrated. But I chose to lay it all down and worship, because God is worthy! I left encouraged and infused with renewed joy!

    Joy Infusion
  • I came home and my mom was really upset. Papa God told me: Just to hold her and let her cry. (more…)

    Comfort and Healing
  • My sister and I were about to watch a movie when she told me that one of her teeth was bothering her. I asked her if I could pray over her. She said yes and after I prayed…  Read entire story

    Healing Leads to Salvation
  • I had metal rods put into my back 13 years ago to correct scoliosis. On Sunday, I went to the prayer team for healing of my back and they felt led to pray over my hips as well. As they were praying…  Read entire story of healing

    Hip Pain Healed
  • I have had issues in the past with Fibroids and ovarian cysts…I instantly felt relief…  Read the rest of the story

    Instant Healing
  • For a couple days I had a pain in my stomach and felt nausea that didn’t seem to go away. While at Small Group, many of my friends were praying over me for healing…  Read more

    No More Stomach Pain
  • Yesterday I was battling a sore throat and swollen glands, sinus pressure…by the middle of the sermon the fever was gone!  Read more

    Sinus Infection Healed
  • On Tuesday, April 17th I invited my Mom to come visit Candlelight Prayer House with me. She had recently lost her second son due to illness related to drug abuse and had been experiencing…   Read more

    God’s Healing Touch
  • My son accidentally left his knapsack with many important belongings at the train station. We were sure it was gone forever. (more…)

    Lost is Found
  • We received a 2nd check in the mail! This month, we’ve received 2 checks in the mail, 2 payment reductions and a credit balance! Thank You, Papa!

    Checks in the Mail
  • For the past few months, I had been praying and asking God for creative ideas and new strategies to reach the community! Shortly after I prayed that prayer, I received an email…  Read more

  • My story starts 6 yrs ago with leukemia. I was healed, praise Jesus! I came home and the bills came home, too. (more…)

    Freedom from Medical Debt
  • We were at a restaurant, talking with the waitress. As I was looking at her, I saw paintbrushes over her head. Then I saw her painting. (more…)

    Growing in Words of Knowledge
  • I have been praying for awhile now to one day be able to go to Italy with my mom. She called and said she got an unexpected inheritance in the mail and she is going to take my sisters and me to Italy! Another desire of my heart has been fulfilled!

    Heart Dreams Fulfilled
  • My husband went for a stress test and scans, and was told there were blockages and that they thought he had heart attack and maybe he would need a stent. (more…)

    Arteries Clear, Heart Healed
  • We were having several items delivered to our home. But every time, there was either a piece missing or something was installed incorrectly. Each time, I graciously contacted the manager, explaining the situation and asking for resolution. (more…)

    Job Offer
  • I want my family connected so badly that I ventured out in my old way, trying to make it happen and asking God to bless me as I went. (more…)

    Renewing of the Mind
  • I had been feeling stressed and anxious and was asking Papa why. The last couple of days, He’s been showing me pieces to the puzzle of why. Thanks, Lord, for answers to questions and the freedom that’s found in hearing Your voice & taking my thoughts captive.

    Answers to Questions
  • One year ago, my husband and I committed to being accountable to someone regarding our finances. She taught us how to budget, which we had previously believed only meant not spending more money than you earn. (more…)

    Financial Freedom
  • On Sunday, my oldest son gave his heart to Jesus!

    Salvation in Kidz Church
  • I had planned to meet with a friend yesterday, but when I woke up I was feeling out of sorts. I asked Holy Spirit what was wrong with me. He said don’t listen to the lie that your friend doesn’t like you. Rejoice in Me. So I did, and my meeting with her went great! Thank the Lord!

  • For a year or so now, I’ve been specifically going after increased wisdom & discernment. I have in my sphere, people with stronger manifested gifting and anointing than myself, and I know that what they carry, I need and want. My prayer has been, Father, increase my discernment! (more…)

    Increased Wisdom & Discernment

God's Presence Reigns in South Jersey

God’s Kingdom is expanding and we will see His glory cover all of South Jersey and beyond!

God's Presence Reigns in South Jersey

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