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Kingdom Family

God’s Kingdom is family.
Fathers and mothers. Brothers and sisters. Sons and daughters.
Young and old. Connected in love and walking together in unity.
Covenant relationships, intentionally cultivated, representing the Father’s heart of love to the world!

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Anything is possible if a person believes. from Mark 9:23 NLT
Have you ever thought about what would happen if we, as a people, really believed all the amazing things God has spoken?
If we believed, I mean really believed, with every fiber of our being, every word He’s spoken?

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Don’t Settle!

Don’t settle. That’s what God said to me this week. Don’t settle. Don’t settle for anything less than your full inheritance in Me.

Because, let’s be real, sometimes it feels easier to settle. Easier to settle for what is, or even for what was, than to push through into what will be. Read more “Don’t Settle!”