Pre-Service Prayer 4.14.19

What God is saying this week from Pre-Service Prayer  4.14.19

  • The trumpets of Heaven have blasted the sound of unity! 
  • Stratford is holy ground! As we worship, strongholds are being broken! 

  • Your persistence will answer your prayers!
  • God is releasing a spirit of intimacy over us! We are receiving a spiritual trust fall from Papa!
  • Passion is stirring in hearts today! 
  • This is the day that the Lord has made, let us be glad and rejoice in it! We will play in it! We will dance in it! We will frolic in it! We will jump up and down in it! We will have fun battling in it! We will worship in it! We will receive everything that the Lord has for us! 
  • We will never lose our wonder!
  • This is a season of victory! We are victorious!
  • God wants us to feast on Him! We are hungry for Him!
  • We are taking big jumps and victories this season, in finances, health and families!
  • God sees you! You’re His son/daughter! He’s well-pleased with you! He’s highlighting you today! You will know things about yourself that you didn’t know! His light that’s in you is surfacing!
  • There is no lack with Jesus! He is more than enough! He has the abundance that you need!
  • Miraculous and immediate mindset shift – it is fun to do battle! It is fun to crush the head of the enemy under your foot!
  • Impurities are being wiped away until only the pure gold in us remains! 
  • We are royalty! We are the child of the King! We walk with authority and power!
  • Tongues of fire falling on us!