Pre-Service Prayer 4.21.19

What God is saying this week from Pre-Service Prayer  4.21.19

  • God is softening hearts, changing minds, and releasing His presence in a new way!
  • Today is a day of salvation!
  • Miracles, signs, and wonders! Freedom and Healing!

  • Resurrection Power is here!
  • Today is a Homecoming day! 
  • Stratford is experiencing God’s promises and hope into their situations!
  • Victory and Hope! 
  • We have the power to roll away the stone that’s trying to block our destinies! 
  • Jesus is alive! Hope is alive and His name is Jesus!
  • Today is the day of change!
  • New encounters with God!
  • There is no shame or condemnation with Jesus!
  • Treasures are being found! Gold is being revealed in hearts! His resurrection power is being released over Stratford!
  • God delights in us and this is a season of rejoicing!
  • Today is a day of choosing! Choose Life!
  • Breakthrough and freedom from bondage of legalism, shame and doubt!