The Mountain of Media

Imagine media that BLESSES its listeners by communicating the happenings of life through a HOPE-filled perspective!

In this area of culture, known as media (communication):

  • We see God as COMMUNICATOR.
  • His love is displayed as BLESSING.
  • And the big TRUTH He wants us to know is that God does in fact have a GOOD PLAN for our lives!

To be a reformer on the Mountain of Media (Communication), we must:

  1. Carry a heart of GOOD NEWS & HOPE-filled perspective in our own lives because what we cultivate on the inside is what we will communicate to those around us.
    • Practical Application:
      • Begin to write down the GOOD things you see God doing.
      • Go down your list and THANK HIM for each one.
      • Begin to SPEAK out those GOOD THINGS to people around you.
  2. Find the HOPE-filled perspective and potential for a justice and a happy ending in every situation.
    • Practical Application:
      • When you come into a situation that looks less than hopeful, ASK the Lord, “What is Your HOPE-filled perspective here?”
      • Begin to declare it out. Choose to think on the HOPE-filled perspective and THANK GOD for what He’s doing in the situation.
  3. Speak LIFE to everyone around us!
    • Practical Application:
      • Speak words of ENCOURAGEMENT at your workplace, in your home and in your community. Encourage the people around you by THANKING them for who they are and what they do and by seeing and SPEAKING the HOPE-filled perspective in every situation.
      • Speak words of ENCOURAGEMENT on social media. Share TESTIMONIES of God’s GOODNESS.

Scriptures for further study:

  • Philippians 4:8; Jeremiah 29:11; Revelation 5:12
15-minute episode going more in-depth on the Mountain of Media with our Head of Media here at Word Life Center