The Mountain of Government

Imagine governments that allow their citizens to live in safety, serving and protecting their freedom to discover for themselves who they can be and who God is!

In this area of culture, known as government:

  • We see God as KING.
  • His love is displayed as POWER.
  • And the big TRUTH He wants us to know is that God does CARE about us!

To be a reformer on the Mountain of Government, we must:

  1. Be firmly established in the truth of God’s ultimate authority, greatness and majesty!
    • Practical Application: 
      • WRITE down who God declares that He is in Scripture.
        • example: The name of the LORD is a fortified tower; the righteous run to it and are safe. Proverbs 18:10
      • THANK GOD that He is who He says He is.
        • example: I thank you, Father, that you are my strong tower; I run to you am safe!
      • Give your heart permission to BELIEVE these truths.
  2. Be firmly established in the truth that God’s power is the power of LOVE.
    • Practical Application:
      • ASK Holy Spirit to give you a heart of LOVE for all those around you.
      • ASK Holy Spirit to root out any pride in you that may tempt you to lord your authority or leadership over others.
      • CHOOSE to walk in love, SERVING those around you.

Scriptures for further study:

  • Matthew 28:18; Revelation 5:12; Proverbs 29:2
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