Pre-Service Prayer 4.07.19

What God is saying this week from Pre-Service Prayer  4.07.19

  • God is manifesting Himself in a new way over us and releasing His goodness over us!
  • God is marking people throughout South Jersey for an encounter! People are being met with an extraordinary love with Father and son and Father and daughter!

  • Abundance of joy!
  • The love of God is known in South Jersey! We shoot down lies from the enemy with spiritual slingshots!
  • Release of Identity over us!
  • Today is a day of reclamation! We are taking back ground, territories and souls! The enemy is fleeing as the army of God falls in South Jersey!
  • God is throwing buckets of His glory on us as we worship him!
  • Unity is here! All are welcome to come and be healed and set free!
  • Hope is in all of us because we have the Hope of Glory in us!
  • The joy of the Lord is our strength!
  • God is the God who makes all things new!
  • New wine is being poured into our new wineskins!
  • We are not of those who shrink back! We are moving forward, taking in the new thing that God is doing! 
  • It’s a brand new day and God has new things for us today! People that need new beginnings can come here to find them! People are receiving new hope from God!
  • God is touching every area of our lives with the fire of God!
  • Today is a day of new encounters! Spirits are being awakened to what God wants to do!
  • There is nothing hidden from God! Walls are breaking down! We declare transparency, vulnerability and encounters with God!
  • God is giving us a sledgehammer to break down walls to receive breakthrough!