Pre-Service Prayer 02.24.19

What God is saying this week from Pre-Service Prayer 02.24.19

  • God is reconstructing belief systems to align us with our destinies!
  • There is an open highway to the heart of God! There is a holy curiosity for people to meet Jesus!

  • We are moving into our destinies!
  • We are running the race and people will come to Jesus because of our race!
  • As we worship God, strongholds break!
  • This is the year of acceleration!
  • Angel armies are all around us and they are being released on assignment!
  • Hearts are being softened, eyes are being opened, ears are hearing and people are coming to the Lord!
  • God is good and He is with us wherever we go!
  • God’s love permeates boundaries – it melts all doubt and fear! 
  • God is answering questions of purpose, direction and provision! 
  • God is who He says He is, He does what He says He’ll do, and all His promises are Yes and Amen!
  • God is performing heart surgery on us! Removing and replacing as He sees fit!
  • The abundance is here! God is asking us, “What do we want?” We have permission to take all that God has for us!