Who is Empowering You?

Who is empowering you? The question sounds almost silly.
But it’s a powerful question. Powerfully important!

When your power, when your joy, when your love or peace or energy comes from the natural – from yourself or from the people around you – it doesn’t last. It comes and goes. It ebbs and flows.

When circumstances are up, we’re up. We laugh and smile and sing.But when circumstances are down, we’re down. We question and doubt and want to quit.

But, oh, when Jesus is empowering us! When Jesus is empowering our life – it’s not just natural, it’s supernatural! When Jesus is empowering us, we have supernatural joy, supernatural peace, supernatural courage!

And so the question is the same: Who is empowering you? Who is empowering your joy? Who is empowering your peace?

Trying to empower yourself is exhausting! You were never meant to empower yourself! JESUS is your source. And JESUS is your example!
He laid all down, fully surrendered to His Father, walking in the supernatural power of Holy Spirit.

Today I want to encourage you, lay it all down. Maybe for the 1st time or 1,000th.
Lay it all down.
Lay down your worry. Lay down your stress. Lay down your desire to be right or to be in control.

You can’t empower yourself! It just simply does not work!
But JESUS can!
JESUS can…and He will! All you need to do is ask.

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