pre-service prayer

Pre-Service Prayer 07.21.19

What God is saying through Pre-Service Prayer 07.21.19

  • Everything bows to the name of Jesus!
  • Today is a day of miracles, signs and wonders!
  • We bow our knee to Jesus!
  • God is doing a new thing! This is new covenant worship. This is prophetic worship. This is the new wineskin that holds the new wine. God says draw your strength from My presence. He is stirring up our hearts to believe for greater things in the years to come!
  • Breaking out! Today there is the power to break out of things and break into the good! We breaking out into joy!
  • There is cleansing, refreshing and healing today!
  • God is sending a personal invitation to meet with Him today!
  • We are holy because God is holy. We are sanctified and set a part for God’s work. We do everything with God in the center. 
  • God desires our worship! He is holy!
  • There is freedom and refreshing today!
  • There’s a fiesta and everyone’s invited! There’s a celebration of God’s goodness and for the years to come.
  • God is the Provider! He takes care of us! Anything we feel is too heavy to carry, God says He will take it.
  • Provision is right in front of us!
  • This is the season we will see the deaf and blind healed. We will see waters part so we can walk right through. We will step out and walk on water. We will see prophecy more than every before!
  • Today we get a deeper revelation of “the joy of the LORD is our strength.”
  • The invitation – as you open it, out bursts a ball of fire! It is God’s Spirit, His gift to you. It is the start, the spark that you need!
  • God is bringing those things that have become dry and useless in us back to life! 
  • Praise!
  • Picture of a coffee filter: like the coffee grounds not going through, lies will not get through. Only love will breakthrough.
  • Peace and rest! Do not give up! The mountain you are facing will soon be gone!
  • Picture of tv going to static: end to negative broadcasts! People will only tune in to what the Father is saying!
  • We have seen the season of God pouring down rain. Now we will see Him move. We will see the grass and trees grow. We will see how God’s Spirit makes things grow faster.
  • Isaiah 61 – The Spirit of the Lord is on me because He has anointed me to preach the Good News. We are anointed! We have the power to free prisoners, to break strongholds and set people free!
  • This is the year of the LORD!
  • Giants of fear are falling in Jesus name!
  • Freedom! Walk in freedom! Worship in freedom! Receive in freedom!