Pre-Service Prayer 07.14.19

What God is saying through Pre-Service Prayer  07.14.19

  • God is calling us!
    This is a day we are rising up mighty, rising up in victory. This is the day we say, “Yes!”
  • God is good and is a rewarder of those who earnestly seek Him! God is stirring up His goodness! Seeds that have been sown into hearts will rise up. 
  • Seeking hearts are coming forth!
  • Matthew 9:37-38 – The harvest is plentiful, the workers are few. We ask the Lord of the harvest to send forth workers! We hear Your voice calling in the distance, saying, “Come. Come.” We say, “Here am I, send me.”
  • Increase. There will be an increase of wisdom and knowledge and greater understanding. We will not be self-conscious, we will be consumed with thoughts of God as we reach out to the world offering hope.
  • Acceleration. God’s promises are reaching out and touching people. They will happen quickly. They are being sling-shotted into existence. 
  • Joy! Joy comes in the morning! We are enslaved to joy! We are enslaved to God’s presence! Circumstances have to bow because we have more joy than anything happening around us!
  • We are joyfully creative! We are joyfully standing up and joining the army of God today! Declaration: Know that you are a soldier in God’s army. You have been given the power He has, so you can stand against the enemy and say, “No, you have no place; the ground is taken in Jesus name.”
  • There is a spiritual, supernatural cleansing of spiritual eyes.
  • Picture of someone with bow pulled back, ready to shoot. God’s arrows never return void. They go straight to the bullseye. Take up your bow and shoot. God’s arrows will land where they are supposed to!
  • Picture of Ferris wheel going higher and higher. Every victory we have, we are going higher and higher!
  • Today is the day people are starting their book of relationship with Almighty Jesus, writing down the things He’s done in the past, things He is doing in the present and things He’s doing in the future. He is Almighty God. He is powerful. He never leaves, He never forsakes. He is always on their side. He is their biggest cheerleader!
  • We are bringing Heaven to earth forever!
  • Picture of dandelion seeds: God’s Spirit is blowing into revival!
  • Picture of a clock: The time is now.
  • Picture of tree budding: The church is starting to bud; revival is here!
  • Picture of river: God says, “Are you ready to ride on My current? Are you ready to ride on the waves?” As we pursue this, we will see an increase in prophecy, increase in evangelism, increase in tongues, increase in dreams. The fire of God will penetrate our hearts as we become more vulnerable.
  • God is asking, “What do you want? I am the Lord of the harvest! What do you want today?” 
  • Picture of lollipops and candy store: We are all the different colors, tribes, nations, people. People are coming from all different places and nations! God is sending the workers. It will be fun and people will be drawn in, just like when we were kids.
  • God says, “Put Me in remembrance. Put out the memorial stones.” The memorial stones are the foundation for the next adventure with Me. Isaiah 63:14
  • God is leading His people. We lead on!
  • We are taking new land, new ground! We push forward into the new. We take it, we own it and we use it for the Kingdom!