Pre-Service Prayer 03.03.19

What God is saying this week from Pre-Service Prayer 03.03.19

  • As we seek God first, mysteries will be revealed and answers and truth will be given!
  • Overcomer’s spirit over South Jersey! The army of God is rising up with a new boldness! Action is coming out of the army of God!

  • God is renewing hearts – it is time to fly!
  • God lifts us up out of deep waters and says, “Let go and be free!”
  • People are waking up to the revelation that they are children of God!
  • The supernatural lifestyle is here and it’s transforming lives and workplaces!
  • We are hungry for the more of God!
  • Believers are putting logs on the fire of their hearts!
  • Revelation of purpose is being revealed!
  • Hope is being released for breakthrough! New expectations for a great future! 
  • Hope and encouragement for those that are going through a pruning season! God is making room for more good things and making you more fruitful!
  • Red – represents Jesus blood and fire! We speak over every person in South Jersey to have a burning desire for Jesus!
  • God’s glory cloud is hovering over us! 
  • When God’s people “roar” there is no limit to the distance it can be heard!
  • God is lighting us up with a burning passion for Him!
  • Increase for the desires of our destinies to be revealed!
  • Healings, solutions and breakthrough will be released simply by being in the presence of God!