God’s Kingdom is Advancing

I’m not equipped for that… 
We hear it every-so-often. We may even say it every-so-often. 
I’d love to do that…but I’m just not equipped. 
Today I want to encourage you – get equipped! 

Want to see miracles, signs and wonders flow through your life, but don’t feel equipped to pray boldly, hear God’s voice or recognize His Holy Spirit leading?
Get equipped. 

Spend time in His Word. Spend time in His presence. Learn to recognize the voice of the Lord as you step out. Pray for the sick. Then pray again. Ask questions. Read books. 
Get equipped. 

Want to worship God artistically through song, dance, painting or writing?
Get equipped. 

Spend time in God’s Word. Spend time in God’s presence. Start moving artistically. Write a paragraph and then ask for feedback. Buy some paint and brushes and start painting. Pick up the ribbons and flags and start dancing. Watch the videos. Take the classes. Go to the conferences. 
Get equipped. 

Want to disciple the men, women, kids or families in your neighborhood? 
Get equipped. 

Want to bring the presence of God into your workplace or business? 
Get equipped. 

Want to preach, teach and/or disciple nations?
Get equipped!

Now is the time to get equipped. Now is the time to look at the desires of your heart, the dreams in your heart, spend time in God’s Word and time in His presence getting equipped!

God has unique plans and destiny for you to fulfill! He’s gifted and talented you, called and anointed you. Now is the time to step in and step out. 
Step into all God has for you! Step into His beauty and grace and provision and empowerment. Step into the flow of His Holy Spirit leading. 
And step out!

Step out and take a risk. Step out and take the class, read the book, speak the word. Step out and ask the questions and find the answers. Allow the process and journey with Holy Spirit and those around you to shape you and fashion you into all you’re created to be!

God’s Kingdom is advancing! Jesus is returning for a pure and spotless, bold and courageous, unified, unconditionally loving, equipped bride who walks in-step with His leading and releases His power and Kingdom!

Heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse those who have leprosy, drive out demons. Freely you have received; freely give. Matthew 10:8 NIV

You must continually bring healing to lepers and to those who are sick, and make it your habit to break off the demonic presence from people, and raise the dead back to life. Freely you have received the power of the kingdom, so freely release it to others. Matthew 10:8 TPT

I will give you the keys of heaven’s kingdom realm to forbid on earth that which is forbidden in heaven, and to release on earth that which is released in heaven. Matthew 16:19 TPT