Financial Freedom

One year ago, my husband and I committed to being accountable to someone regarding our finances. She taught us how to budget, which we had previously believed only meant not spending more money than you earn. We had that part down, but weren’t saving any money either. Learning to budget, and be accountable for it, was a process. It wasn’t easy. It required vulnerability. We worked hard. Now, we currently have over $18k in our savings account. That’s more money than we’ve even seen, and we did it in a year! We did it while tithing regularly! We did it with 3 kids! We did it with one income! We are debt-free and FINALLY in the position to buy our first home. I’m telling you this to encourage you – God is interested in your finances! He is in the business of blessing and increase! He wants to bless you in that area of your life! Not sure what that looks like for you? Ask Him! Talk with people you trust, who have done it and who have authority to speak into your finances! You can do this!