Coffee Testimony

It is true that we can’t out give God! At work I get tips sometimes for an order that I cut or load, and the other day I told God that when I get a tip I would bless myself with a cup of coffee and would pay the items of whomever was behind me. I’ve done this before, but this time was exceptionally crazy! The guy who gave me the tip said, “I never tip anybody, so this is weird, but here you go I just want to give this to you.”

As I was at Wawa getting my cup of coffee, I told the man behind me that I was going to pay for his coffee and whatever else he had too. He asked if I was kidding. Then started yelling out, “I won the lottery!! I won the lottery!!” When we walked outside, he asked if I understood what he was saying. He said, “I told God that if someone bought me something this week, I would know God is real! I won the lottery! I know God is real!” 

Wow! All from a cup of coffee!