Fall Growth Groups

Find out more about Fall Growth Groups, October 7-December 17!

  • Mondays
    1. Joy of Discovery: Psalms
      • Facilitated by Susie Ehrich
      • Come feed on God’s faithfulness! In the book of Psalms you will discover hope, breakthrough, renewed devotion, God’s perspective and so much more!
    2. Discovering God’s Voice for Yourself
      • Facilitated by Sandy Heubner
      • Join us as we walk through this video study by Havilah Cunnington and discover the unique ways God speaks to each one of us! Lots of fun, laughter and practical application.
        • *based on video study Prophetic Personalities by Havilah Cunnington
  • Tuesdays
    1. Developing a Leadership Culture
      • Facilitated by Markus Ehrich
      • Come learn what culture is and how to build it in your church, workplace, community and more! Practical tools and lots of time for question/answer.