Provision & Protection

Grab hold of this Tuesday Testimony! It’s powerful!! “My son left his winter jacket in his physics classroom and when he went to the lost and found the next day, it wasn’t there. We prayed that God would help us find it. A few days later, another student showed up wearing the coat! My son’s friends told him to confront the kid and to be prepared that he may have to fight him. As mama bear, I prayed for my son and reminded him of what the Word of God says. I encouraged him to allow that guy to keep the coat and that I know God will bless him for it! When my son came home Monday, he told me that he did not have an issue. He had told his friends that we told him to let the guy keep jacket! (We also declared that the young man will be blessed wearing my son’s coat and our friend claimed his salvation as well!! Yes, Lord! Thank you!) By the end of Monday night, God worked through an amazingly generous friend and put $60 in my hand to get my son a new coat! When I went home and shared that testimony, my entire family was rocked by God’s goodness! We look forward to blessings and salvation for the young man involved, as well! Amen!