Narrow Path

Some paths are narrow, but important to take. It may look like nothing good, but it is a trail that needs to be taken. A desert trail, until we get to the top and see what God wants us to see and experience! The trail is on the desert side, not the lush green side like Lot chose. In the end, we get it all because Jesus won the battle!

Keep on Building

Prophetic Word: Many of us are in a season right now where God says, “You can do this!” But all this stuff comes at you and you eventually believe it and you stop building. God wants to encourage you: Don’t stop.” (watch video for rest of encouraging word)

The Riders are Coming

Prophetic Word: There’s a battle going on. And there’s been a battle for awhile. The Lord has given so many words, but it seems like nothing is happening. The Lord showed me a picture: It was the world, like a globe. And there were armies of white riders coming. And I wasn’t seeing anything. The God said I’m going to show you what I’m seeing, that you’re not seeing… (watch video for entire encouraging word).

The Prayers of the Saints

The prayers of all the saints are going up to God like incense! He hears every one! He hears and He answers!