pre-service prayer

Pre-Service Prayer 08.04.19

What God is saying through Pre-Service Prayer 08.04.19

  • Today is a day of epic family! We are epic family builders!
  • We carry our Father’s heart and our voices are important.
  • The hour has come. Choose life! People are meeting their destiny with life from Father!
  • Mindful restoration! A shift in mindsets! We see the good and the gold!
  • Transformation. God is in the process of changing and making all things new!
  • God is in the process of changes hearts and mindsets! He is bringing life! God is downloading to us what it looks like!
  • Day of transformation and restoration and reset! We receive the change, the reset! We are becoming more like Heaven!
  • Acceleration! Things we thought would take a long time, are happening suddenly!
  • God is powerful! His Word and truth penetrates any walls! He is powerful, He loves us and is the God of yes and amen!
  • Today is a day of graduation! We are going higher and higher!
  • Picture: storm all around and 2 buildings in front that looked like giants, but looking right behind is beautiful open sky! God says: “Stop looking at the storm. Stop looking at the giants in front of you. Look through them. Look and see the other side! See Me right there! Never look at the thing, but through it!”
  • Today is the day of new beginnings!
  • Dynamic shift! The Dynamic shift is here! It’s already happened! Mindsets have already shifted! The Heavens are already open! We see it and grab hold and bring it down!
  • Strategic Day of the Lord! We are taking in the Promised Land! We are taking steps and putting our feet in the Promised Land. We declare the Promised Land is ours! Today is the day of the Dynamic Sift and the Strategic Day of the Lord!
  • God says, “No matter what you’re going through, no matter how tough it seems, no matter how long you feel like you’ve been waiting for the breakthrough, for the answer, My timing is perfect. I AM right on target.”
  • God says, “Don’t be distracted by your detours. Your detours never take you backward, I will always return you to the spot that you were. I am the forward-facing God and you are my forward-walking children.”
  • Today is a day of action. We declare it, we step into it and take the action!
  • Remember who you are and who’s you are.
  • Holy Spirit is awakening hearts and spirits! Slumber is gone! Spirits and hearts are fully alive!
  • Historical shift in family lines! We are the ones who bring breakthrough in the family lines. We are the sons and daughters that will rise greater than the last generation.
  • God is shaving off layers that are on us and is revealing who we are. We shake off the old and embrace the new thing that is already inside us!
  • Disney Land – amazing excitement!
  • We receive the Dynamic Shift!