Pre-Service Prayer 03.31.19

What God is saying this week from Pre-Service Prayer  3.31.19

  • God stands with one foot on the sea and one foot on the land and calls His children home! There will be no more delay!
  • The light of Jesus Christ is for everyone!

  • The clock has struck 12 and today is the day that answers to prayers are coming!
  • Trust God in our individual freedom journeys; there is joy in the journey! Be still and know that He is God!
  • Jesus is in the house and Holy Spirit wants to come out and play!
  • Maturity – blossoming and coming forth of who we are!
  • Worship is bringing miracles today!
  • God’s promises are yes and amen! What God has spoken will come to pass!
  • Seeds that have been planted are rising from the dirt and turning into beautiful flowers!
  • Cherry Blossom – renewal of hope, joy, and passion! Dreams are coming to life!
  • God is about to do something significant – breakthrough is coming!
  • God is doing a new thing that will change New Jersey!
  • This is a day of breakthrough, peace and joy! 
  • We are in a season to step into the more and ride the current into His presence!
  • God is having Father/daughter/son time today!
  • God is releasing His righteous and royalty over us! We are walking in greater intimacy and victory today!
  • People will be completely healed!
  • Today is a Graduation Ceremony! God says: There’s a season of intentionality that we’ve poured into and when we graduate and receive the diploma the season isn’t over but we now have access to greater things!