Instant Healing

I have had issues in the past with Fibroids and ovarian cysts, which have caused irregular bleeding and discomfort. I was feeling some discomfort and light cramping on Sunday and again on Monday morning. By the afternoon, it became so severe that I could not sit down or stand up. I had to stay in a lying down position. I had sent a text message to a couple of sisters in the church asking for prayer. One sister replied back to the text asking if she could come over to my house and pray for me! I agreed and she was there within 15 minutes. She put some oil on my forehead and started praying for my abdominal area, I instantly felt some relief. As she prayed again, I was able to stand up. With me standing, she prayed for a 3rd time and I felt warmth in my lower abdomen and even more relief! We claimed total healing, she blessed me and left. About 10 minutes after she left my house, the cramps where totally gone and have not returned! Praise God for His instant, amazing, healing powers!