Hip Pain Healed

I had metal rods put into my back 13 years ago to correct scoliosis. Since then, my back causes me constant pain and has also affected other areas of my body, such as my hips, which results in one leg being shorter than the other and causing my right shoulder to be raised higher than my left. On Sunday, I went to the prayer team for healing of my back and they felt led to pray over my hips as well. As they were praying, I felt a pinching sensation on my hip. Shanna spoke directly to that pinching, commanding all resistance to healing to leave! And the pinching stopped! Dawn who was holding my feet in her hands said she felt a pulling in my right leg. When I got up to test it out I was able to easily do a stretch with my right let that I haven’t been able to do in at least 13 years! My hips had also been sore from dancing the day before, and that pain was gone as well even though it wasn’t specifically prayed over! Thank you Papa!!!