God’s Healing Touch

On Tuesday, April 17th I invited my Mom to come visit the prayer house with me as she had never seen the inside.

My mom recently lost her second son (my brother) due to illness related to drug abuse. She had just started coming back to church but had been experiencing panic attacks, shortness of breath and pains in her legs since his death. She called me that morning and cancelled our date because she wasn’t feeling well.

I drove to her house later that afternoon to see if she was feeling well enough to grab a cup of coffee with me, she said yes, and while we were out she agreed to visit the prayer house!

When she walked into the prayer house she shared with Shanna her symptoms and that she hadn’t been feeling well since her son’s death. Shanna asked her if she would like Holy Spirit to minister to her and mom gave her permission to put oil on her neck as Shanna began to pray over her. Mom felt Holy Spirit going to work and said she had goose-bumps from head to toe and felt the hand of Jesus touch her face!

Her demeanor started to change immediately as did her facial expression! Shanna asked her to walk around the prayer house to check and see how her legs were feeling and as she walked around she said there was very little pain in her legs. She also said that she was breathing a little better. Shanna prayed a second time and the results improved!

The next day on my way to mid-week service, I called my Mom to check on her healing and health. She said that she felt better! Her breathing was good and her legs were great. She was able to walk to her curb to retrieve her trash cans and not only did she retrieve them but instead of dragging them back up the hill to her house, she carried them! Praise God!!!