God Saved My Life

“I was raised Catholic. I always believed in God and thought I had a relationship with Him. I know now that it was a one-way relationship, where I just took and asked, but never obeyed.

About a year ago, I was struggling with several life-changing events at the same time. Mental health doctors would say that any one of these events could send someone “over the edge”, and I had three of them all happening at once. I struggled mightily every day. It got to the point where I prayed every night that I would not wake up the next day. Every night, for months, I asked the Lord to just take me. I felt alone, hopeless. I was deceived into thinking that the Lord had abandoned me. It was very dark. That was the worst feeling…ever.

On October 4th, I attempted to take matters into my own hands. I left a note with last instructions and comments, but no apologies. I could see no other way, and I wanted out. But the Lord was there. He would not let me go! Miraculously, He whispered into my daughter’s ear, “Your Father needs your help.” She acted on His word and put into motion the events that would literally save my life.

After I recovered medically, the Lord sent another of my daughters to get me – both physically and spiritually. I was still being very stubborn. I did not want to live. But, she said that I had to come to church with her! I put up minimum resistance. I figured that I had nothing to lose.

I cannot describe how it felt to walk into Word Fellowship Church for the first time. It was all about the love! I kept coming, no matter how I felt – Sunday, Monday, Wednesday – and my heart quickly softened.

Early in the month of December, I accepted Jesus Christ as my personal Lord and Savior! I turned my life over to Him, never again to live in the fear that choked my daily existence. Praise God! He has blessed me every day since I was saved. He has blessed me with things I have prayed for and blessed me with things I have not asked for. I was willing to be very patient and wait on the Lord, but He has delivered me quickly – only because of His grace, not because I deserved anything!

There is not enough room here, or time, for me to tell of all the blessings, large and small, that I have received in the past few months. I hear people from time to time say that they are tired and feel like giving up because of trials or unanswered prayers. Let me be a witness to the power and love of our amazing Father. He is always there. Look for Him.

I am learning and growing every day, and I certainly have struggles. But now I endure them with the joy of knowing the Lord has a plan for me and loves me very much!”