Student Impacted by Aide’s Prayer

I’ve been praying for a particular student. The other day, the other teacher mentioned that he’s been behaving better! And…I was able to share that I’ve been praying!

Torn Rotator Cuff Healed

For over a month, I have not been able to lift my left arm more than a few inches. On January 12th, I went to the doctor and he believed I had a torn rotator cuff and scheduled an MRI for the following week. That same night I went to small group and received prayer. Read more “Torn Rotator Cuff Healed”

Learning to Declare

As I was reading Born to Create, the sentence “God wonders what you will prophesy over the people He has put around you…” really stood out to me. I asked Holy Spirit who around me needed encouragement that day and what I could do to minister creatively to that person. Read more “Learning to Declare”

Leg Grows Out

I just got to pray over my boss’ leg which was a half-inch short. It just grew out. Jesus is awesome!

God Saved My Life

“I was raised Catholic. I always believed in God and thought I had a relationship with Him. I know now that it was a one-way relationship, where I just took and asked, but never obeyed.

About a year ago, I was struggling with several life-changing events at the same time. Read more “God Saved My Life”

Fear to Faith

When I first walked through the doors of Word Fellowship Church in early 2010, I was broken-hearted. Many things had happened previously in our family’s life, culminating with our moving half-way across the country, from everyone and everything we knew, to New Jersey where we knew no one. Read more “Fear to Faith”