pre-service prayer

Pre-Service Prayer 05.12.19

  • Vision of tornado touching down to the earth-The Lord says, “This is how Heaven is touching earth today! We are already seated in the Heavenlies! Whatever we want, throw it into the funnel, and it will come to earth!”
  • Vison of anchor-inscribed on anchor are the words Joy and Peace. When the anchor goes down into the water and it goes deep, the soil is God’s love! No matter what storms come against us, that anchor has us in His love with Joy and Peace! That’s how we fight our battles!

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pre-service prayer

Pre-Service Prayer 04.28.19

What God is saying this week from Pre-Service Prayer  4.28.19

  • Just as your circumstances do not determine who you are, the weather does not determine the day! This is the day that I have made! God is using today to save someone from the pit of hell!
  • God is restoring the years the locusts have eaten! He’s restoring marriages and families! There is an acceleration in the restoration process! 

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