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We're excited about the 1 billion soul revival God is bringing to the earth and invite you to be a part of it!

Family Revival. Community Impact.

WLC is a community of worshippers committed to building strong people, strong families and strong communities.

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It's All About Encountering God's Presence.

Candlelight Prayer House hosts times of personal prayer and peaceful contemplation, community prayer times and more.

Candlelight Prayer House

Releasing God's Presence into the Business World

Heaven in Business – South Jersey is our arm for business. We develop strategies for local business leaders and employees alike, developing unity & prosperity in business.

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Releasing God's Presence into the Business World
Experiencing God's Presence Through Art

Experiencing God's Presence Through Art

Living Art exists to worship our Creator through creating art that goes past words and straight to our hearts. Come experience the heart of our Father through art.

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We are a center for life-giving, practical teaching you can put into practice in your daily life!

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We Have a Vision for the Future

God’s Kingdom is expanding and we will see His glory cover all of South Jersey and beyond!

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We Have a Vision for the Future


  • A woman came to Candlelight Prayer House after visiting her brother at the hospital. His kidneys were shutting down. The doctors were saying that he needed dialysis right away…  read more

    “Brand New Kidneys” Nov 2018
  • My sister and I were about to watch a movie when she told me that one of her teeth was bothering her. I asked her if I could pray over her. She said yes and after I prayed…  Read entire story

    “Healing Leads to Salvation” 2016
  • I had metal rods put into my back 13 years ago to correct scoliosis. On Sunday, I went to the prayer team for healing of my back and they felt led to pray over my hips as well. As they were praying…  Read entire story of healing

    “Hip Pain Healed” 2016
  • I have had issues in the past with Fibroids and ovarian cysts…I instantly felt relief…  Read the rest of the story

    “Instant Healing” 2016
  • For a couple days I had a pain in my stomach and felt nausea that didn’t seem to go away. While at Small Group, many of my friends were praying over me for healing…  Read more

    “No More Stomach Pain” 2016
  • Yesterday I was battling a sore throat and swollen glands, sinus pressure…by the middle of the sermon the fever was gone!  Read more

    “Sinus Infection Healed” 2016
  • On Tuesday, April 17th I invited my Mom to come visit Candlelight Prayer House with me. She had recently lost her second son due to illness related to drug abuse and had been experiencing…   Read more

    “God’s Healing Touch” April 2017
  • For the past few months, I had been praying and asking God for creative ideas and new strategies to reach the community! Shortly after I prayed that prayer, I received an email…  Read more

    “Favor” June 2018
  • Someone once asked me if there was any joy in my life and at the time, I couldn’t think of anything. Now I would reply, “YES, God loves me!” I am so glad that God did not give up on me!  Read more

    “Emotional Healing” Jan 2018
  • For over a month, I have not been able to lift my left arm more than a few inches. On January 12th, I went to the doctor and he believed I had a torn rotator cuff and scheduled an MRI for the following week. That same night…  Read more

    “Physical Healing – Torn Rotator Cuff” 2016

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